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SMS Accents

Don't pay for 3 SMS or even MMS!

If your SMS contains non standard characters it splits to even 3 SMS or converts to MMS!
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Write 160 characters in 1 SMS

Let the special characters be converted into standard ones and use all 160 characters!
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Use auto-enhance with no limit

No problem, the auto-enhance really works, so why don't use it?
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Conversion only when needed

Conversion icon shows when your message is going to be standardized
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Define favourites buddies

Choose from your contacts your most common texted buddies and add them to local favourites
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Shortcut to your favourites buddies

Easy way to add to favourites previously chosen contacts and then choose them in next SMS.
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Both name and phone number visible

Good to know to who and to what number you are going to send your message...
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Turn On and Off auto-enhance on the fly

Decide when you want to use auto-enhance. Even in the middle of the word.
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Clean message with one click

Delete whole message with just one click. And be ready to write next one in a second! Tap once more to delete chosen phone number.
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Ups, you are short of space

Background color is changing to inform you about filling up the space
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Stop! You are over your limit!

You are always informed when there is no possibility to send all your message in one SMS
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The most important function of the SMS Accents app is background conversion of all non standard characters you wrote in SMS into standard one to use all 160 characters, not only 70.

  • You can write your message using all auto-enhance features, the standardization is made just before sending.
  • It removes accents in the background. And does it only if necessary (for example there is no such need in very short messages).
  • Use the auto-enhance and other correction functions IF you want and WHEN you want. You can turn ON and OFF it on the fly, in the middle of any word.
  • Turning the auto-enhance functions off speeds writing all non dictionary words (or in foreign language).
  • Changes background colors to easy notify you are short of space and you have to finish your SMS.
  • You can ALWAYS decide if you want to send the converted SMS just before sending.
Look at short video of SMS Accents in use!

If you have any questions just look into FAQ or write a message (there is a contact tab on the right…)
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