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SMS Accents

Frequently Asked Questions
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No, it's not possible. System iOS on your iPhone is designed to protect you against such harmful effects of the application. This also applies to sending messages.
The "Send" button gives back the control to your phone and then iOS shows you a standard message dialog, to confirm you want to send it. Of course, this dialog contains the number you choose and message you wrote (with any non standard characters removed if necessary). And that's the moment you decide if you really want to send this message.
All messages are sent via standard system Messaging application, so there they are :)
No, you can enter the phone numbers by yourself or choose them in the next step inside the system application Messaging (on your iPhone).
But, if you choose your favourites from your phone contacts book then they are known by name, not just plain phone numbers.
SMS Accents does not use your contacts in any way, even more - it knows only that numbers you choose to send SMS.
The character counter shows current character usage. You can see it on the right side, just above the text area. You will always know if you enter more then 160 allowed characters.

Technically, if you want to send message no longer then 70 characters, there is no need to make any change in it. And that's how SMS Accents behaves - it passes your SMS without any touch.

When your SMS is longer then all non standard characters are standardized to use just plain GSM allowed characters (without any additional encoding). Most characters eats 1 space, but there are some of them which takes 2 spaces. SMS Accents knows them and counts them as two characters. All just in time you write them.